On Display at International Trade Shows

We participated in the “Learning & Technology Expo 2015” in Hong Kong in December 2015, and the “Spielwarenmesse” international toy fair in Nuremburg, Germany in January 2016!

The “Spielwarenmesse” international toy fair in Nuremburg, Germany

The “Spielwarenmesse” international toy fair in Nuremburg, Germany is the world’s largest toy fair. The 2016 toy fair, held over six days from January 27 to February 1, saw 70,000 visitors from 125 countries. The Gakken Sta:Ful display centered around Newblock. A large dinosaur piece made from blocks was placed at the entrance to the booth, where it drew attention from many visitors. We received inquiries from buyers not only from the EU, but also from many countries in Asia, the Middle East, and so on. We realized again that the great qualities of Newblock are universal! Visitors showed strong interest in this safe and trusted Japanese toy, which left a very good impression as “tough blocks.” In addition, we had visitors touch the blocks, and they confirmed the unique features, commenting on the “unique shape of the pieces,” that “the pieces are easy for children to grip,” and that “the material is soft.”

“Learning & Teaching Expo 2015” in Hong Kong

2We participated in the “Learning & Teaching Expo 2015” in December 2015 for the first time. This trade show is held with a focus on those involved with Hong Kong’s preschools and kindergartens. It also appears to be a trade show that students visit who are interested in becoming involved with preschool and kindergarten education in the future. We explained what role the shapes, colors, softness, and other qualities of Newblock play in development to the visitors of our booth. Many visitors showed strong interest in Newblock. We will continue to spread the word on the great qualities of Gakken Newblock around the world!